Phantom Flex

Digital cinema camera with extreme flexibility at 2.5K pixel resolution. Record at up to 10,000 frames per second!

Now Available!


Handheld 3-axis digital stabilizer to reduce camera movement.

Now Available!

Production Services

we offer a wide range of video production and broadcast services from studio rentals and technicians, to full production execution and crews


Equipment Rentals

We offer some of the best and most sought after gear.

Equipment List

Studio Baral High End Rentals

Studio Baral counts with some of the most popular cameras in the industry, and also some of the hardest to get. With our equipment, professionals can film everything from a short corporate video to a high end film. Unleash your creativity with these amazing production tools!

Phantom Camera

Phantom Flex Camera

Record at up to 10,000 frames per second!



3-axis camera stabilizer

Red Epic

The most popular camera in the high end market!

Vintage Lenses

Leica and Anamorphic Lenses

Studio Baral Location and Rental

Studio Baral is located in Coral Springs, FL  With a 1,300 sqft green screen studio for all your production needs. Our trained technicians, editors, directors, and producers can help you create anything imaginable. Studio rentals are available every day of the week, and include cameras, lighting, technicians, the option for a switcher, and live broadcast productions.

Give us a call: (786) 529 – 8345